Awe-inspiring King

Tomatoes on 5/16/2011

First 3 picked......Taste test performed! Great!!!

15 Kilos of tomatoes to market.....1st delivery on 5/24/2011

Exciting times around the tomato tunnel!  After weeks of waiting, praying, and nurturing we are finally harvesting these little beauties.  Itai and I prayed over the tunnel and the tomatoes on Friday.  The guys refused to pick the first tomato until I walked through the tunnel and covered it in prayer.  I must admit, I was a little intimidated by how seriously they took this part of the process.  Itai said, “We watched you walk through the cucumber tunnel and pray over it before we picked and we have witnessed God’s blessing on it.  We will wait until you do the same for the tomato tunnel.”  Wow!!! Have I mentioned that I am learning so much from this guy!

God has been so faithful to us in this endeavor.  Today…We are awe-inspired by our King!

“Clap your hands, all you peoples; shout to God with a jubilant cry.  For the Lord Most High is awe-inspiring, a great King over all the earth…” ~ Psalm 47:1-2


One Response to “Awe-inspiring King”

  1. Chris Bishop Says:

    Joey, that is great news and a real testament to your faith. Amazing that God “provided” Atai… he is the Aaron to your Moses!

    Love the updates and can’t wait to see you guys next month my friend.

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