Church and Soccer….African Style

Church...African Style

Playing Soccer

I chose these pictures for today’s post because they reflect what I have come to love and admire most about these people I now journey with.


The top one is of a church service we passed a few weeks ago.  These people didn’t get up, have 2 cups of coffee and a muffin, jump into their air conditioned cars, and ease into church 15-20 minutes late only to doze as the preacher preached!  They literally started working on their attire Friday.  Nothing but the best would do and not a spot could be on them which I can imagine is difficult when your house has a dirt floor.  On Sunday morning, they get up early, tie the little ones to their backs, and walk miles to this field in the middle of the mountains. What they believe anchors everything they do!  It drives the very essence of their existence.  Even if what they believe is wrong, they stake everything on it!  


The second picture shows the creativity and energy of these people.  Obviously, when we came upon these boys playing soccer I used it as a teaching moment for my kids.  I said, “Kids look, their stuff is ordinary and plain but it works!  Their not complaining that they need more, they are simply using what they have.”  I love these people for the energy and creativity that exist within them.  

This journey has taught me more than anybody!  These people have taught me more than I could have ever dreamed of teaching them.  May God bless these people and may He heal this land!


One Response to “Church and Soccer….African Style”

  1. Joey, I’m always blessed by your blogg and this one is no exception. WOW! The opportunities you’re getting to teach your own children such valuable lessons in life. I long to see this country again, and glimpse the simple yet wonderful existence they share. I want to see everything again and more with your dad, with whom I have tried so many times since i left you, to create South Africa in his mind.
    Missing my son very much, mom

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