On Monday morning, we got word that a fire had broken out in Masi overnight and many had lost their homes.  After breakfast, we decided to go check on our friends who live inside the township to see if they were affected.  What we saw when we arrived, I simply can’t explain…

Devastation beyond description....

Doing all I could do.....LISTEN and GRIEVE

After walking around and loving on a few of those affected, we left overwhelmed by what we had observed.  Later in the day, I joined other Living Hope volunteers at the Masi Baptist Church which had been set up as a food “drop point”.

Today…we arranged and delivered approximately 1000 cucumbers from our “Tunnel Project” to add to the food already collected.

1000 of our Cucumbers delivered for fire victims

The boy above grabbed me and simply wouldn’t let me leave.  In his broken english he said, “Please help me find more clothes.  I have nothing else and I get cold at night.”  Words simply can’t convey my feelings as I reflect on the magnitude of what my family and I have witnessed these last 2 days.  Our God continues to provide the strength we need to continue this journey even when we fill like we would rather retreat.  Please pray for our neighbors as they try to rebuild their lives.

“Be strong and courageous, all you who put your hope in the Lord.” ~Psalm 31:24


2 Responses to “Devastation…..”

  1. jennyg Says:

    praying now

  2. jennyg Says:

    i just read this again to Nolan and Ada….we prayed out loud for the people of Masi.

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