This weekend the major roads on the southern peninsula will be closed for a cycling race called the Cape Argus.  This race is a major race for cyclist internationally and Lance Armstrong has participated in it in the past.  There have been signs up for days that notify us of the race and road closures planned for Sunday.  Locals are talking about the race and planning their road-side parties.  When I found out that our home was a premier spot on the route, I circled the wagons and started planning a gathering (of course).  I organized a family meeting (not really) and we unanimously voted that this gathering would be a gathering in support of our USA cyclist.  I flew into action trying to locate a flag and this morning when I arrived at work, this beauty was laying on my desk…..

I hung it up on the wall, saluted it, and reaffirmed my commitment to it by reciting the “pledge of allegiance”.  I realized this morning how much I took these colors for granite when they where hung all around me in the states.  You often don’t appreciate something until it is gone!

So this weekend, I will put on my Bass Pro hat and my Nashville t-shirt, hang the flag outside my home, and cheer on our men/women from the good ole” USA who are cycling by my house!
































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