The end of Mark chapter 4 tells the all to famous story of Jesus at sea with His disciples and encountering a fierce storm.  When it became evident that a miracle was going to be needed to save them, the disciples woke Jesus up and asked, “Don’t you care that we’re going to die?” (v.38)

When I read this, something about their comment was familar to me.  I recognized after re-reading it that the tone of my prayers often resemble that of the disciples in verse 38.  When I find myself without answers, I tend to pray a similar prayer.  Something like…..Dear God….Help! I remind you that I am in this aweful situation.  Please intervene on my behalf!   Historically,  I get really serious with my prayer life when life is in the ditch.  Even pagans start praying when life takes that unexpected turn.

I have become more and more convicted concerning the shallowness of my prayer life.  There is a direct correlation between the tone of my prayer life and the depth of my faith.  As I type this post, I pray that God would create in me a consistent yearning to go deeper in my conversations with Him.  By doing this, I will find a level of faith I have never known.


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