Every once and a while, I get tired of putting my thoughts out here on this blog.   The last few weeks has been just one of those times.  I am in my 4th week of school which is consuming  a lot of my time.  My church suggested a “Missions Perspectives” course that I enrolled in and started 4 weeks ago.  It is from 6:30 to 9:30 on Monday nights.  My accessment of the course……IT HAS BLOWN ME AWAY!  There is a different speaker each week from a different background.  I am learning about world religions, christianity, God’s Kingdom, and Jesus’ master plan to bring His Father’s Kingdom to earth.  It has been engaging and has pushed me deeper in my exploration of God’s call on my life.  In going deeper, my questions are being answered.     Questions like:  Go Where?  Why Me?  Give up what?  For Who?  Does it matter?  Will I really make a difference?  Isn’t someone out there more qualified? Can’t it wait?  How about this????

With every answered question, the basis of all human existence is becoming  more and more obvious to me.  Every person is and was created to bring glory to God and everyone will ultimately do this.  One way or another, glory will be given to the One it is due.  My responses to the above questions will determine which route I take to do what I am going to do regardless.  Give God Glory!  I will either do it now in my life or later in my death but I will do it.


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