img000921Thinking tonight about how fast my kids are growing up.  It is amazing to me that Briley is 7 years old and ever rapidly approaching 8.  As I watch her grow, I see her say and do things that reflect outside influence.  She is influenced by her teachers, friends, and coaches.  She says and does things that I know don’t come from our home.  I recognize the outside influence that is now playing a part in her young life.  That can be scary as a father! 

As I lay down tonight, I pray the prayer that Moses was told to pray over the Israelite children.  Lord bless and protect  Briley, and make your face shine upon her and be gracious to her.  May You find favor with her and give her peace.   That is the prayer I pray tonight over my little girl.  Life is too short!!! Pray Hard!!!!


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