“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.” ~Roy L. Smith

True!!!!!  This year my heart breaks as I read and watch the news stories pertaining to Christmas.  Economist make us feel that it is our patriotic duty to spend lots of money so that we help steam the tide of this mess we are in.  I watched a news story on “Black Friday” of a person getting trampled to death because he/she was in the way of other consumers trying to get the latest and greatest gadget.  Our actions reflect a severe disconnect from reality.  It is indescribable really.

My aggrevation has lead me to make the following statement.  If gift giving is what your Christmas is about, give your gifts on another day.  Or better yet, give me the day you would like to receive gifts, and I will get you a gift.  But don’t make a mockery of the day I hold sacred by swapping gifts and calling it Christmas.  It is not!  People are so ridiculous!


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