“What America needs is spiritual renewal and reconciliation — first, with God, and then man with man.”    Ronald Reagan

This country is suffering the effects of it’s own selfish desires.  We the people, make the majority of our decisions based on the moment and not eternity.  These momentary decisions carry with them eternal consequences.  Funny how that works!

Lately, I have struggled with everyone’s back and forth opinions on Obama.  Don’t get me wrong, I think voting him into the White House on November 4th would be one of the most devastating things that could happen to our country.  My struggle is that everyone has focused their attention on him and what he does or doesn’t believe rather than look at themselves and nail down what they do or don’t believe.  If people will nail down what they believe, their beliefs will be revealed by the way they vote on November 4th.  IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE. 

That is why I like the quote above.  It nails down what needs to happen and then it explains the order in which it must happen. 

To sum it up:  Our problem as a nation is….We haven’t taken that first step!


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