Today as I worked, my mind for some reason kept going back to the trip I took to Nicaragua.  Around 9:30, I actually found myself missing the people I met on that trip.  I wrestled with thoughts of what might be going on in their lives.  Do they have what they need to eat today?  Is there shelter providing relief during this rainy season?  Are these children pictured with me still alive?

After 30 or so minutes of revisiting pictures, I started yearning to go back.  As I pondered my feelings, I realized that I was not yearning to go back to this particular place.  I was longing to be engaged in a place where everything I did made an eternal difference.  Somewhere with conditions so deplorable and severe that my inner soul had no choice but to be stretched.  A place where my boundaries could once again be expanded.  A place where there is no doubt that what I am doing is part of God’s master plan.  I LOOK FORWARD TO MY NEXT MISSION JOURNEY, WHEREVER GOD TAKES ME!


One Response to “8.20.2008”

  1. jeana jackson Says:

    you always manage to make an ole woman cry.
    after reading your post about your next place of
    mission, please read a post from kaci. she calls it
    “my second world.”
    i think you will like it.
    you also make me smile:)

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