Tomorrow is a big day for our family and all of those voting in the 4th Congressional District in Tennessee.  August 7th has been on the calendar since dad started campaigning.  Tennessee’s primary elections will take place tomorrow.  Dad is running against two fellow Republicans named Kent Greenough and Don Strong.  He has been canvassing the district over the last few months trying to convince the voters that he is the candidate to face Lincoln Davis in the general election in November.  I have watched him work tirelessly and must say I am amazed by his resolve.  God called him to step out an run in this election cycle and he has not looked back since.  Those who can, VOTE LANKFORD when you enter your voting booth tomorrow.  Those who can’t, please pray for Dad, our family, and this country.  We at a crossroads and the decisions we make tomorrow will greatly affect the future of our state and this country.

“With all its faults, the American political system is the freest and most democratic in the world.” Eldridge Cleaver


2 Responses to “8.6.2008”

  1. I am also amazed by his resolve but more amazed by his faithful intent on being the man God called him to be. When I look back, and see how God orchestrated our lives to bring us to this point, I readily trust him with our future. When I get fearful and anxious about what’s just around the bend, I tell myself, “God can probably handle it.”

  2. jeana jackson Says:

    joey, your mom is amazing. i love her so.
    i am praying for you all in this journey.
    God CAN handle it all!

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