Well, we start another month.  June flew by very fast.  I was out of town 2 weeks in June and that always makes things run together.  We now enter the “dog days of summer”.  There will be a lot of pool days for Courtney and the kids this month.  We have been blessed to live 5 miles from my parents and they have an amazing pool for the kids.  The best part about swimming at their house is having a spot to lay Barron down when it is time for his nap.

I continue to caution my family about moving to fast.  Our society pushes us to be more, do more, and have more.  This keeps us in a fog most of our lives.  We live in fear that we will miss something, and now days that is just unacceptable.

I think most of the junk we try to engage in is insignificant and worthless.  Most of what we do has little eternal value at all.  So in July, I am going to spend larger portions of my time on things that will matter when I am 80!


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