Family Vacations

The Lankford family just went to Florida for vacation 2008.  It was absolutely and amazing week.  The entire family was together on Sunday, Monday, and part of Tuesday.  Dad had to return to the campaign trail on Tuesday but we were glad to have him for those few days. 

I spent alot of time just hanging out with my children.  They are such interesting little people with so much to offer.  I don’t think they will ever understand what they do for me.  Every time I get an extended period of time with them, I start reevaluating my priorities.  Time is marching by so fast and I tend to get caught up in the demands of my life.  Sometimes these demands impose on what truly matters.  Vacations are great for me because they bring me back to what matters most!!!!

“Better is one handful of rest, than two handfuls of effort and pursuit of the wind.”  Ecclesiatstes 4:6.  This last week was very relaxing and I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with my beautiful family.  Thank you Lord for my wife and kids!!!!! The rest of my family is alright too!


One Response to “Family Vacations”

  1. Dawn Cocke Says:

    Wow! i just happened upon your site through sonya’s…how great to see you and your family. i would love to see everyone, and would especially love to talk to nathan. tell him i said hello if you think of it.

    your family is absolutely beautiful. thanks for the opportunity to see a picture of everyone, i cant believe gavin and taylor!!!!!
    again….wow! is all i can say about that!
    great to see ya,
    Dawn Cocke

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