This picture is with a little boy named Junior.  This little one was a hand full.  He seemed to find his way into more pictures than anyone.  He was everywhere.  He was so full of energy and life.  He was oblivious to our differences and warmed up to everyone around him.  As we walked away from Junior and loaded the bus for our return home, my mind began racing with questions.  What was going to happen to Junior once we left?  Who was going to give him the love and attention he so desperately craved once we were gone?  As I was pondering these questions, it was if God said to me, “you are just a small part of my master plan.” 

I was struggling with the fact that I didn’t have all the answers and couldn’t see the bigger picture.  In the book of Daniel, Daniel himself struggled with the same issue.  In chapter 12, Daniel saw and heard things that he didn’t understand.  In verse 8 Daniel said, “I heard but did not understand.  So I asked, “My lord, what will be the outcome of these things?”  “HE SAID, “GO ON YOUR WAY DANIEL…”

Daniel, like myself, was struggling with his inability to clearly see and understand God’s total plan.  God simply replied keep going, keep walking.  Our responsibility is to be available and ready for use when God calls us.  We must be attentive to His calling and respond appropriately.  God will give us direction and answers in His time.  OUR JOB IS TO PATIENTLY FOLLOW HIS DIRECTION AND HIS TIMING. 



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